Advocacy Committee
Gabrielle Shapiro, MD
Shervin Shadianloo, MD
Colleen Turek, MD 
Our Advocacy Committee is focused on having our voices heard by our state and federal legislators; we involve patients and families and attend legislative days in Albany and in Washington. Please contact Gabrielle Shapiro, MD at if you are interested in more info or becoming involved! Your voice matters!
Assembly of Regional Organizations
Ricahrd Pleak, MD
Melvin Oatis, MD
Collaborative Systems Committee
Annie Li, MD
Molly Gangopadhyay, MD
Vera Feuer, MD 
Jessica Simberlund, MD
Zara Mir, MD 
Communications Committee
Christy Duan, MD
The committee's goal is to reach our vast membership to provide educational, practical, inspirational, social, newsworthy, and advocacy-related information in the most effective ways. We hope to use the benefits of technology, social media--i.e. Twitter/Facebook--and other meaningful tools to engage our audience in every realm of the field. We hope this is not a one-sided effort of providing information but for this to be an interactive communication tool to encourage our followers to actively engage by re-sharing meaningful posts to increase the bigger community's awareness about child and adolescent psychiatry in NYC and in general. Our goal in making this platform as real and dynamic as possible includes welcoming any feedback on how to make this a more helpful tool and mode of communication for everyone.
Disaster Psychiatry Committee
Gabrielle Shapiro, MD
Angel Caraballo, MD
Veena Muthusamy, MD 
Vanessa Disla, MD 
ECP (Early Career Psychiatrists) Committee
Jennifer O'Keeffe, MD 
Colleen Turek, MD 
Olga Leibu, MD
Veena Muthusamy, MD 
The Early Career Psychiatrist (ECP) committee’s mission is to plan events and programs that support the professional development of early career child and adolescent psychiatrists in the state of New York. The committee also aims to create networking opportunities. Our recent goals include leveraging the benefits of technology and social media to help foster the latter in the light of the increase of psychiatry's role in the virtual and telemedicine realm. As such, we are creating a networking group that will allow ECPs to connect and build a professional and social community that can help with referrals, thinking through difficult clinical scenarios, addressing practice concerns, conversing about job opportunities, and serving as a space to process our work together to provide emotional support as well. Our continued past goals include hosting in person happy hours, networking events, and possible support group and CME activities. Finally, our paramount emphasis is ECP wellness and we will continue having an annual winter/spring wellness event to continue to practice and promote this message for the ECP community. ECPs are child and adolescent psychiatrists who are within 7 years of their training.

Membership Committee
Scott Palyo, MD
The Membership Committee is dedicated to providing New York Council members
The Membership Committee liaises with AACAP's Membership committee, coordinates with AACAP regarding new members and promotes applicants for AACAP's Distinguished Fellow. In addition, the committee oversees the annual Wilfred C. Hulse Award, which honors one child and adolescent psychiatrist who has contributed to the field especially at the local level.
Medical Students Committee
Akeem Marsh, MD
Sarah Klagsbrun, MD
Scott Shaffer, MD 
Jose Vito, MD, Editor-in-Chief
Akeem Marsh, MD, Editorial Board Member
Shervin Shadianloo, MD, Editorial Board Member
Tzvi Furer, MD, Editorial Board Member
Training Committee
Cathryn Galanter, MD
Oliver Stroeh, MD

The Training Committee develops and oversees New York Council activities related to psychiatry trainees. We work closely with the Members-In-Training (MIT) Committee, which is comprised of trainees. The primary aim of the Training Committee is to facilitate trainee involvement within the NY Council and the larger AACAP organization. We provide direct supervision for MIT committee, links trainees with mentors, provides leadership on NY Council trainee grant selection and sponsors events that are geared toward trainees.
MIT (member-in-training) Subcommittee of Training Committee
Amanda Wallace, MD
atarzyna Liwski, MD
 For more information, please email