NYCCAP Officers

 President:  Angel Caraballo, MD

President-Elect: Vera Feuer, MD
 Past President:  Scott Palyo, MD
   Treasurer:  Melvin Oatis, MD

 Secretary:  Khadijah Watkins, MD

NYCCAP Board of Directors

NYCCAP Officers

Advocacy Committee
Gabrielle Shapiro, MD
Shervin Shadianloo, MD
Molly Gangopadhyay, MD

Collaborative Care Committee
Annie Li, MD
Meri Weiss, MD
Molly Gangopadhyay, MD
Denise Leung, MD

ECP (Early Career Psychiatrists) Committee
Scott Shaffer, MD
Oliver Stroeh, MD
Susan Yeung, MD

International Committee
Khadijah Watkins, MD
Olga Leibu, MD

Communications Committee
Owen Muir, MD (MIT)
Olga Leibu, MD

Membership Committee
Carolina Zerrate, MD
Victoria Pham, MD
Larry Greenhill, MD

Medical Students Committee
Beth Belkin, MD
Bryon Young, MD
Vera Feuer, MD
Yunan Nie, Medical Student

Jose Vito, MD, Editor-in-Chief
Akeem Marsh, MD, Editorial Board Member
Shervin Shadianloo, MD, Editorial Board Member

Training Committee
Cathryn Galanter, MD
Akeem Marsh, MD

MIT (member-in-training) Subcommittee of Training Committee
Jennifer O'Keeffe, MD
Owen Muir, MD
Jessica Simberlund, MD

Assembly of Regional Organization
Angel Caraballo, MD, President
Scott Palyo, MD, Past President
Melvin Oatis, MD, Treasurer
Jennifer Cabrera, MD (Assembly ECP Representative)
Tzvi Furer, MD (Assembly Resident Representative)
Vera Feuer, MD
Molly Gangopadhyay, MD
Larry Greenhill, MD
Iliyan Ivanov, MD
Warren Ng, MD
Richard Pleak, MD
Gabrielle Shapiro, MD
Jose Vito, MD
Khadijah Watkins, MD
Carolilna Zerrate, MD
Alternates: Shervin Shadianloo, MD; Victoria Pham, MD

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